Social Service
Spreading Happiness
      To make the environment that most people enjoy high level of culture, Yeowon Media will try the best.

 TanTan Original illustration Exhibition

As a publishing house specialized in children's book, Yeowon Media Korean Gardner has been Campaigning 'Reading for children'
since when it was established. We were giving free TanTan books to the children visitors of TanTan Story House (in Paju Book City),
Book Events, and to welfare organizations.

To Yeowon Media, it's not all about publishing and selling books. We think it's the most important goal of us to
make the children dreaming and hoping after reading TanTan Books.

That's why we are trying very hard to make the best of our reading campaign. One of them called 'Love Kids-More Babies'
Campaign and Yeowon Media gives TanTan Books to the families with many children.



 Free books for the families with many children

Low birth rate of Korea had been a big problem to our society. Yeowon Media also took this very seriously as a children's
book publisher, and stared to give free books to the families with many kids.
We had been supporting the childbirth campaign of MunHwa Daily so that we could giveaway books for long terms of time.
Yeowon Media gave free books to the families in 20 cities and plan to keep supporting this campaign.