TanTan Science Click Click


1. Offer a reference book with illustrations that will expand the readers' scientific knowledge,
    by using material dealing with basic principles found around the world.
2. Provide proven and accurate basic information so that young readers can gather
    knowledge on their own with the help of this book.
3. To generate curiosity so that readers will start actively exploring and
    investigating their environment.

Diversity : Diversified ways of explaining the subject, related terms, and the illustrations
Interest : Carefully selected subjects that young readers are most curious about, explained with scientific resource materials
Connectivity : Innovative educational tool that will expand young readers' intellectual curiosity by satisfying their need for
     basic information about the world of Nature, which is the foundation of all living things.
Educational : Guide young readers to expand their knowledge through their own efforts, with the aim of developing an
     interest in the science of the world around the.


Offer basic science lessons that are made to match the child's level!

Study time for children needs to be exciting, playful, and burden-free, rather than serious. When something is Good, you can feel it, instinctively.
1. Discovery is about changing your view of a subject, instead of finding a new subject:
     In everybody's heart, there is the ability to transform any experience in their life.
     "No matter what you do, if you want to lead a fulfilled life, you first need to learn how to develop your mind, before searching for
     knowledge and expertise."

2. The basic principles of every living thing are the same(Birth, aging, sickness, death / environment, water, air......):
     In teaching children, it is important to make them understand the circle of Nature, and to realize the importance of the environment at an
     early age. Simply memorizing certain information is not enough. Once they master the basic principles, they will easily gather more
     academic knowledge without even trying. To become knowledgeable about something, you first need to have a mind that wants to learn.

3. Text with question marks and exclamation marks are an innovative way to enhance children's intellectual capability:
     While text with commas or that is required to be memorized, only force children to acquire one-dimensional, inflexible knowledge..

Why does Click-Click focus more on the concept of principles than scientific knowledge?

What is the most important thing when you build a house? Is it the cornerstone? A prop? The answer is, neither. The most important
element to building a good house is the land. The land has to be in a good geographical location, but more than that, it has to be in good
geological condition. A sturdy house can only be built on land that has good drainage. To build a solid, stable house, one has to select land
with good conditions first, and then decide the height of the building and where to set the foundation, accordingly.

The same applies to our lives. There are things that are invisible, but are more important than what's visible. We all need the creative power
that enables us to hear the sound of a singing bird in a grain of seed. Therefore, parents need to make wise decisions about priorities in
teaching their children, and they need to have the patience to watch their children as they acquire new knowledge and internalize what they learn.

Knowledge is not what you memorize. To acquire genuine knowledge, the learning process has to be accompanied by exclamations, born out
of a mix of emotional and rational harmony. Fun and excitement will lead to more curiosity, and demands for more information and knowledge
to satisfy their curiosity. During this process, children can discover the joy of initiating a quest for further exploration and investigation.

The joy of learning that children discover in this way will lead to their future field of study or even the future profession they choose when
grown up. It can even go as far as gaining them the wealth and success that they wish for. Helping children to acquire the right way to learn and
expand knowledge is equivalent to giving them a solid foundation to build their entire life on. Therefore, it is more important to nurture their
ability to acquire knowledge, than teaching them information, per se. Since the brain is in the process of developing and differentiating during
early childhood, a comprehensive approach in education is more useful than the cramming system.

Einstein's greatness was not his gifted insightfulness or a stroke of good fortune. It sprang from his relentless curiosity and commitment to
learning. We have to remember that his parents' faith in him were what a stuttering boy needed to foster the scientific genius that he became. .
A child's future depends on what educational information parents select for them.