TanTan Let's Play With Science


Like playing games and reading interesting stories, it's he first illustrated Books for young children
to be close to science! With friendly subjects that are close to real life, principles of science and
the nature can be something children enjoy very much.

The series is focused on how scientific matters can be explored by young children.


Science in real life

There are subjects from real life as "What's the difference between cabbage and Baby cabbage?", optical illusion in photos, reflection and refraction of light in water glass in the series. Through observing, touching, and feeling, children will be interested in little creatures and natural phenomenon they usually just pass by.

Emotional science books

The series is full of scientific information but it's not too expository or bookish. There are some poetic, novelistic, and quiz-like stories in science so that they can increase the linguistic ability of children as well.

Learning science with activities

The series presents activity details as making things by the subjects, insect collecting, cooking etc... After reading the books, Kids and the parents can do things together. Also there are appendixes added at the end of books to satisfy curiosity of our young readers.

Science books selected by Hukuinkanshoten, Japan

The series is selected from the books published by Hukuinkanshoten which publishes science books regularly for 5 decades from now.