TanTan Into Nature


Let's commune with living, breathing nature!

Life like photographs of nature!

Talented photographers worked for great alive photographs in many years. It's like the nature and creatures are right in front of you.

The whole life cycle easily explained

Observing the life cycle is one of the most important elements of these books. Thus <Tan Tan Into Nature> has the most comprehensive
life cycle content than any other nature books. Also, the life cycle process is shown as a continuous process, which can be seen at a
single glance unlike the other books. It will almost feel like you are experiencing it at first hand!

100 titles of ecology books

To let the children feel and understand the mysteries of nature, we select as many creatures as possible for this series.

Friendly colloquial style of writing

Kids can read with moms and moms can interact with the kids while reading this series.

The series is designed to satisfy children's curiosity

Detail information about creatures to satisfy curiosity <curiosity exposed>, Make or grow things <experience travel>

Learn more about the creature in a fun way!

Show the relationship between human and other creatures <Bon Voyage Museum>, and A variety of information about other creatures
<Let's find out more> corners are available to fulfill common sense and satisfy intellectual curiosity about nature.

Filled with variety of questions and facts

Questions are not difficult and can be solved through a dialogue, making it more interesting. Furthermore, through the <common sense tok-tok>
column variety of information and interesting content is shared.